Working to reduce your property taxes.


Determining whether an assessment is fair and equitable.

Sytko Property Services - ServicesSytkoPropertyServices can advise a property owner whether his or her property is fairly and equitably assessed prior to filing a property assessment appeal application. This service is particularly beneficial to the property owner who suspects that his or her assessment may be too high but has not yet appealed. As many municipalities impose a fee when filing an assessment appeal, the information provided would assist the property owner in determining if there is any chance of success. If, as a result, it becomes evident that a successful appeal will be in doubt, the best decision may be to refrain from appealing and thus avoiding the filing fee costs.

General information on the assessment and appeal process.

SytkoPropertyServices can provide an informational package that explains how the local municipal authorities calculate property taxes and how the local assessment authorities determine property assessments. In this package, the property owner will also receive information, which will help him, or her, argue more convincingly that their property or business assessment is too high. It emphasizes those arguments which have a positive impact on the decision making process of the Revision Court. It includes insightful hints that could only come from someone that has many years of experience as a citizen adjudicator on a Revision Court.

Assistance in preparing the brief for the appeal hearing.

SytkoPropertyServices can assist the appellant in preparing the brief for the appeal hearing. The assistance will be in the form of advice as to what information will be required and help in preparing the necessary brief.

Review of briefs prepared by appellant.

SytkoPropertyServices can review a brief prepared by the appellant and recommend suggestions that may improve the quality of the evidence prior to its submission at the Hearing. The purpose of such a review is to ensure, to the greatest possible extent, that the evidence prepared by the appellant will impact positively on the Revision Court.

Preparing all documentation and representing the property owner with respect to all facets of the appeal.

SytkoPropertyServices can prepare all the required documentation, represent the property owner with respect to the appeal and attend the Hearing to present evidence and argue for a reduction in assessment. The company would be responsible for the entire appeal process including research, brief preparation and all correspondence with the assessment, Revision Court, and other municipal authorities. In short, the company would act as the agent for the property owner.