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Sytko Property Services - Partnership

It is evident that many property owners in North America are unnecessarily paying more in property taxes than they should. In Winnipeg, for example, a city of over six hundred thousand people there have been many thousands of property assessment appeals filedĀ over the years. As a result, there has been a very high demand for professional property tax agents who can take up the fight against City Hall on behalf of the property owner. And Sytko Property Services has developed an extensive client base from which to fight City Hall”.

If the correspondence Sytko Property Services is receiving from property owners, inquiring about property assessment, is any indication of property assessment concerns, then one can presume that high and inaccurate property assessments are prevalent throughout many municipal jurisdictions in North America.

Sytko Property Services is eager to enter into and service what it perceives to be a huge market for property tax consulting services. The company is therefore looking to develop partnerships with individuals in various municipal jurisdictions so as to be able to provide such consulting services.

If you are an articulate person with high ethical standards, able to work for demanding, and at times, excited property owners, have a professional attitude, then this may be an opportunity for you.

You must be a good negotiator, particularly when negotiating with assessors. But if negotiations fail, then you must be prepared to take your case to a tax court, which is similar in many respects to a normal court-like setting. In the tax court you must be able to make a strong presentation and able to remain composed when under cross-examination.

Sytko Property Services will assist in establishing the operation in your municipality, will train you so that you could take on the property assessment appeal fight, will provide the systems to properly manage your operation, and will be available on a consultative basis at all times.

If this is of interest to you, please contact us for additional information. You can visit our Contact Us page for all our contact information.