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About Sytko Property Services

Sytko Property Services is a property tax consulting company specializing in determining the accuracy of property (residential and commercial) and business assessments for municipal tax purposes. If a property or business assessment is found to be unfair or inequitable, we can either prepare the evidentiary brief tailored to meet the specific requirements of the local municipal authority or offer general information and advice. The information that will be provided will assist the Appellant in preparing for the Hearing in terms of the type of evidence that should be submitted to ensure a greater probability of success. We could also represent the Appellant at the Hearing and present briefs and arguments supporting a reduction in property or business assessment.

Les Sytkowski

Sytko Property Services has been providing property and business assessment consulting services in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada since 1992. The company’s president, Les Sytkowski (shown on the left), prior to establishing the company had been a sitting member of the Winnipeg Board of Revision for seven years. In that time period, Les Sytkowski acquired a thorough understanding of the assessment system and appeal process. More importantly, he became intimately familiar with the type of arguments that had the greatest impact on the adjudicating Board. After all, as a member and panel chairman of the Board of Revision he knew what evidence and arguments persuaded him and other panel members to consider whether an assessment was fair and equitable. As a property tax consultant, this experience on the Board has been instrumental in driving the success rate of the company to over 75%.